Paddle boarding

Paddleboarding is currently the fastest growing water sport

Fun for the whole family

We can provide:

– Equipment hire

– Paddleboard courses/tuition

– Professional advice

– Excursions

– Exercises on the paddleboard

Paddle boarding originated in Hawaii and is currently the fastest growing water sport. The charm lies in its simplicity and accessibility for the whole family. Riding a Paddle board is a mixture of fun, exercise, freedom and a connection with nature.

When paddling, you will continually improve balance and coordination through engaging muscles throughout the body. Combined with the surroundings, you will feel relaxed and stress free.

1 hour 1 day
Paddleboard 5 € 20 €
Waterproof pouch ( for mobile phone & valuables) 1 € 3 €
Wetsuit 1 € 5 €