Unforgettable fishing in the Orava region, no need to be a professional fisherman.

A true fishing experience

Unforgettable fishing in theOrava region, no need to be a professional fisherman

Simply enjoy fishing with your friends, family or children.

We can arrange for you:

  • Fishing license (daily, weekly)
  • Fishing equipment
  • Lodging
  • Motorboat
  • Company of an experienced fisherman

If you already are a licensed fisherman, please find more information at your arrival in our resort.

Prices of the authorisation permits

Members of the SRZ Non-members and visitors
Daily Authorization 15 € Daily Authorization 40 €
Weekly Permission 40 € Weekly Permission 150 €
Annual authorisation Annual authorisation

A fishing ticket is required for authorisation

Fishing ticket
Weekly    3 €
1-year   10 €
3-year   17 €

All necessary documents for fishing at the Orava Dam can be purchased directly at our ATC Jami auto camp. 

 * The handling fee is €2

Fishing Gear

If you don’t have your fishing equipment, we can lend you everything.
Price of fishing equipment per person, per day is €15
(+ € 50 refundable deposit)

Boat Rental Prices

Price List of boat rentals 1 hour One day
Smaller boat (4, 2m) + 4HP Motor 3 fishermen 39 € price by agreement
Large boat (5, 7m) + 5HP Motor 5 fishermen 45 € price by agreement

You can make your reservation at the Autocamp Jami reception or by calling 0908515722.
All rentals include PHM, lifeboats, anchors, oars and ropes.
The refundable deposit for renting a boat is €100.

Fishing lessons – experienced fisherman

Whether you have never fished before or are a beginner, we can provide an experienced guide to ensure you enjoy your time with us.

Lesson Price:

  • 1 hr/€20 – Basic Introduction to fishing and Orava Dam, help with setting up the rod, choosing bait, selecting the best locations and answering all your questions.
  • 1 day/€50 – We will spend the whole day together looking at improving your fishing skills. This is particularly suitable for absolute beginners.

The Orava Dam is the leading place in the area for fishing. It is one of the best Carp waters in the region.

It has a rich variety of fish such as: carp, pike, perch, zander, grayling, sheatfish, rainbow trout, lake trout, catfish and eel. Catching fish is permitted only from 1.6. to 15.3.  Spinning fishing season is from 15.6 to 31.1. Fishing from boats allows two rods for ledger and float fishing. You can use only one rod for fly fishing. 

Number of the district: 3-5530-1-1

Each fisherman is required to have:

– Fishing licence (if member of SRZ) –  Fishing Ticket – Fishing Permit –  Scale to measure the length of fish caught
– Hook release

After the expiry of the fishing permit, the fisherman is obliged to pass to return the permit to the organisation that issued it.

Quantity of catches and records:

  1. The fisherman shall record each day of fishing, stating the date and confirm the district.
  2. The fisherman can only keep fish caught on any one day, subject to the following limits:
    1. Two fish of any species
    2. Four river salmon
    3. or a number of all types of fish the total weight of which does not exceed 7 kg.
  3. If the last caught fish of the day takes the fisherman over the 7 kg, he may keep the last fish caught, regardless of its weight.
  4. If the first fish caught of any kind exceeds 7 kg, the daily catch is limited to that one fish.

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